Immunoengineering Seed Grant Program

The Georgia Immunoengineering Consortium’s (GIEC) ┬áseed grant program was established as a funding mechanism intended to stimulate new, collaborative research in Immunoengineering and to encourage scientists and engineers from diverse fields to come together, ask important questions and solve important and transformative problems related to the immune system. Below are lists of recent awardees:

2015 – 2016 Recipients
Mehul Suthar (Emory), Krish Roy (Georgia Tech)
Gabe Kwong (Georgia Tech), John Altman (Emory)
Nick Willett (Emory), J. Brandon Dixon (Georgia Tech)
Young-Sup Yoon (Emory), Satish Kumar (Georgia Tech)
Claudius Jarrett (Emory), Johnna Temenoff (Georgia Tech )

2014 – 2015 Recipients
Julia Babensee (Georgia Tech)/B. Evavold (Emory)
Krishnendu Roy (Georgia Tech)/J. Deng (Emory)
Krishnendu Roy (Georgia Tech)/J. Rengarajan (Emory)
Gregory Gibson (Georgia Tech/J. Galipeau (Emory)
Todd Sulchek (Georgia Tech)/S. Stowell (Emory)