Immune-Therapeutics: Modulation and Control of Immune Response

Immunoengineers are equipped with the combination of synthetic, analytical, and systems knowledge to create functional structures that have a positive impact on the immune function of patients. Georgia Tech investigators specialize in bio- and nanomaterials that contain effective combinations of immune effectors, modulators and advanced delivery systems that can precisely and effectively control the immune system. New generations of vaccines and immunotherapies against infectious diseases (e.g. HIV), cancers and autoimmune disorders (e.g. diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis etc.) are emerging from these efforts. In addition, Georgia Tech is a leader in the discovery of new stem cell-based therapies and tissue-engineering strategies for regenerative medicine, an endeavor in which the immune system plays a critical role. Stem Cell-based immunotherapies as well as controlling inflammation and modulating the immune response during regenerative therapies and organ transplantation require multifunctional biomaterials and new engineering strategies, which researchers at Georgia Tech are actively pursuing.