• Training the Next Generation

  • Researchers have created a technology called the optoclamp which closes the loop in optogenetic systems.

Welcome to the Center for Immunoengineering at Georgia Tech, a member of the Georgia Immunoengineering Consortium. The Center was established in 2013 by 33 faculty from seven different schools and departments who joined together in an effort to bring engineers, scientists, biologists and clinicians together to encourage new innovative approaches to study the immune system and to assess, predict and control immune response. 


"Supramolecular Immunotherapies" - Joel Collier, Ph.D. - Duke University
11:00AM - 12:00PM


Riding the Next Wave
Georgia Tech leading the effort to develop manufacturing expertise and expand cell therapies
Boost for Breast Cancer Research
Petit Institute researcher Susan Thomas awarded funding from It’s the Journey and Georgia CORE
Technology Developed at Petit Institute Gets Test Run
Portable 3-D scanner developed in lab of Brandon Dixon assesses patients with elephantiasis